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Naruto & Sasuke, Brothers of the Leaf

木ノ葉の仲間 -- Konoha no nakama

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Brothers of the Leaf
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The relationship between Sasuke and Naruto.
Welcome to the LiveJournal community dedicated to the relationship (and friendship/rivalry/various interaction) between Uchiha Sasuke and Uzumaki Naruto.

If you are a fan of SasuNaru(/NaruSasu), feel free to join! But please read the rules before posting. We are open to all aspects of this relationship, so please be respectful to the tastes of others and use LJ-cuts with clear notices of content.

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Rules / Headers / Links / Contact

[2008 May 19]


[1] Stay on topic; all posts must be focused on Sasuke and Naruto.
Keep banners and preview icons limited to Sasuke and Naruto. Sales posts with various items should specifically list what kind of Sasuke x Naruto items there are available. If you want to post something that might be considered off-topic, check with the maintainer first.

[2] Be excellent to each other.

[3] No bashing, no flaming, no snarky or underhanded insults; not on any characters, any pairings, any people, or any fanwork. Keep criticisms constructive and don't go too far.

[4] Use LJ-cuts on: long or image-filled posts, fanworks, images and banners exceeding 450px in width/height, tables exceeding 450px in width, embedded video, more than three icons, adult content, spoilers, and anything requiring a warning for content. Clearly mark LJ-cuts and links for content.

[5] Do not disable comments. Such posts will be deleted without notice, and the poster may be banned. If there's a problem in the comments, screen them and contact a maintainer.

[6] Fanworks of all kinds are definitely welcome, but please use headers for posting them. (See below.) All headers should include the name of the creator, and a rating with any warnings.

[7] Nudity and NC-17 fanworks are welcome, but they must be under an lj-cut with a clear warning. It is highly recommended that you friends-lock these posts.

[8] Rec posts and posts for sharing work that is not of your creation should be friends-locked. This includes manga sharing, anime sharing, scanned doujinshi, music sharing and fsts, and so forth, as well as requests for these things. Always include proper credits when available.

[9] Try to make your posts using proper English; no excessive netspeak, and no weird font abuses (excessive bold, italics, colors, and so forth).

[10] If there is a problem, do not add to it. Contact the maintainer.

[*] Posts raising discussion regarding "SasuNaru" or/vs. "NaruSasu" are forbidden. Read this post for more.

NOTE: This community is for BOTH sasuxnaru and naruxsasu! Both are welcome here. At the time I created this community that name went for both ways...I guess now-a-days whichever name is first is seme...so yeah...here we respect both sasuxnaru and naruxsasu!
- Jix, Founding Maintainer


Please use headers when posting fanworks.

Below are some examples, but the fields and design used are up to the poster. (Some people can get creative with it and that's fine.)

Required fields are: the creator's name, a rating with warnings (if there's anything to warn about). For batch posts: the number of Sasuke x Naruto pieces.

Title: title, chapter # of #
Rating: with warnings
<A HREF="URL">link</a> or <lj-cut text="catchy phrase">

Rating: with warnings
<A HREF="URL">link</a> or <lj-cut text="catchy phrase">

[#] Sasuke x Naruto
[#] Sasuke
[#] Naruto
[#] all other Naruto icons
[#] Total
[#] all other series' (please don't list other series' individually if it's more than five)
[#] Total
<A HREF="URL">link</a> or <lj-cut text="catchy phrase">

Notes: Please customize a header for any other type of fanwork you may be posting. Also: including genres helps with tagging.

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If you would like to affiliate, please contact the maintainer.


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Sasuke, Naruto, and the Naruto series are owned by Masashi Kishimoto.

Profile banner created by shankthespine_x in Photoshop using manga colorings by Amaretti and textures by Hybrid Genesis. Profile coded by Kylara in notepad.

Layout banner created by insomnikat in Photoshop. Icon derived from banner. Layout coded by Kylara in LJ's S2 interface.

Feel free to contact us for anything regarding the community.
And please alert us quickly to any community issues!
- kylara and tenaciously, Maintainers

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