Kylara (kylara) wrote in sasuxnaru,

[Mod Post] Damage Control

In regards to a few things, recent, past, and long-term.

First, a rule. A rule I never thought I'd make, but I realize it's necessary:
Posts raising discussion of the sort of SasuNaru or/vs. NaruSasu are banned.

Actually, that's a bit of an overstatement. But the fact remains that almost every time the topic arises it's either wank or wank-bait, even when it doesn't intend to be. It's been coming up for years, people are tired of it. The discussion has been beaten to death and it's time to let go of the whip.

If the topic of dominance is going to be brought up again, it needs to be in a new way and with a certain extra care. Please get mod permission before posting in the community about it. You will need to explain the premise of your post, what it brings to the discussion, and make your case.

In the meantime, if you would like to make a case for SasuNaru/NaruSasu pwning all others, then I encourage you to write fantastic fanfiction, or draw fantastic fanart, or make fantastic graphics for what you love. Show it in the beautiful way you see it.

Second, you may have noticed that naruxsasu is closing.

I have spoken with the maintainer for a long time about this decision before she made it. Watching the posting habits of members, just about everything "NaruSasu" posted there is cross-posted here. There are few things that aren't, and a number of them have insulted "SasuNaru" in some way, which we agree is inappropriate anyway. So I understand her decision, and while I'm sad to see a community close I also feel we're not going to be losing anything vital to our interaction in the fandom.

Additionally, we may have too many SasuNaru/NaruSasu communities as it is. They're really not all necessary, and I have stopped affiliating with and listing new ones because it's become extraneous. I have no interest in encouraging a further divide and separation, because it only leads to more cross-posting.

If I can accommodate for "NaruSasu"/"SasuNaru" fans better through some system such as enhancing tags, then please let me know. I'd like to remind you all that the tilde (this wavy line: ~) tags at the bottom of the tags list were made just for these preferances, and any member can add these tags to posts. Feel free to test adding them on this post if you like and I will correct it later.

I know a few people will be upset about the closing of naruxsasu, but please do not bring it up further in the community.
Tags: .mod post, ~ .naruto tops (narusasu), ~ .powerplay, ~ .sasuke tops (sasunaru)

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