Foxfur (foxfur) wrote in sasuxnaru,

Hii! I am new here! =3

I am a huge fan of SasuNaru. er. Moreso of NaruSasu. XD But that's just me!

Anywho, figured I'd share some of my work here with you all...I need to do more of this pairing...

And for more of my work drop by my DA gallery or my SA NC-17 Gallery. =3

And NOW let me also share with you my friend Amayako's delicious fanfics. *_*

Thin Ice She's my very favorite smut writer of Naruficdom. Do scope it out! Each fic is labled with the pairing and the content so you won't have any unwanted suprises. ;3 I especially love 'an urban retreat' and 'skin' for NaruSasu fans. =3

Anywho, sorry to babble on so long. -_- Nice to meet everyone and I hope I can participate alot here. =3
Tags: fw | fanart
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