Searching for Fanfic--Cash Prize

Hello! I know people don't frequent this community much anymore but I'm an SNS lover forever so! I am looking for a copy of Uninvited Gaiden I: Dead Men Walking by Leilita. I will give a cash prize to whomever can find it for me! If you have copies of any canonverse SNS fics as well, please send them to me at I can give cash for them as well!

Thank you!
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FOUND The Nerd by animehead - Cash Prize Awarded

A little back story I suppose, I was very much in the closet and suffered for it. This was until I would Fan-fiction and they worlds they could create to escape to. One story that really stuck with me was "The Nerd" by animehead. I have searched far and wide and have located many of its chapters except. Chapter 12 Part 2. The chapter that brings it all together and I cant find it. Any help is appreciated in locating. I will even pay reward in the amount of $200 that brings it to me. 

Cash Prize will be given up posting of said chapter and verification of its authenticity.

A bit unorthodox way is to rewrite the chapter, I have memories of it, such as

Sasuke and Naruto attending a party (Apart — Need to figure out why they where apart after being friends). Thy see each other dressed as hot as each can be and then the song "Slept So Long" comes on and Naruto is lip syncing and dancing in front of sasuke. when the verse "Touching you makes me die inside" That pissed sasuke off who retorts something about his mother loving him. Naruto grabs 2 chicks and leaves the party. Sasuke meets up with him at his house and kicks the 2 chicks out and they eventually come to terms that they love each other and have sex. 

As you can see I am not a story writer but  if some can create the chapter if it is not found I will give a $150 Prize.

Fic Search


If someone could help, please, it would be much appreciated.

I remember the story A Field of Paper Flowers by Dead Edged Blade (i think) from way back when, but never saved a copy before it got pulled down. If anyone has a copy, if you could please send it to i'd really appreciate it.

I promise this will be for personal use only and not posted.


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Searching for fic

There was this fic I glimpsed a long time ago, and for the life of me, I can't remember what it was called or who wrote it. I'm 90% sure it had Naruto & Sasuke as a couple in it, but I'm not completely sure of that (if it turns out I'm wrong, I apologize for posting this here).

It was on

It was PROBABLY over 15 chapters.

It was most likely an AU, probably set in our universe.

It had some darkish elements in it. The only one I really remember (and this is a bit gruesome):

there was a part where Shikamaru got tortured or something, and someone put his hand in a jar. The hand-in-jar detail was in a separate chapter from when he gets hurt.

... that's all I've got. I don't know the genres, or length, or other characters involved. I apologize for the lack of details, but if anyone knows anything, please let me know.

Thanks very much.