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Naruto & Sasuke, Brothers of the Leaf
木ノ葉の仲間 -- Konoha no nakama
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24th-Jul-2015 04:31 pm - fic search
Hi guys,

I'm looking for this narutoxsasuke fic where Sasuke is blind. He and Naruto were dating when they where in hihg school but then Sasuke started loosing sight and they fell apart. In secret, Naruto started learing how to train seeing eye dogs and trained two for Sasuke. Then one evening Sasuke, Itachi and a bunch of ther guys go to a pub. Sasuke is a talent scout. Naruto got pretty famous in that club and sometimes plays there. On that evening he was signing Hallellujah.Sasuke approached him because he wanted to propose a contact but Naruto rejected. Later they met in Sasuke's office and Naruto revealed it was him but Sasuke just didn't reciognize him. He told him he trained his two seeking eye dogs and later they got back together.

Ring any bells?
Could anyone, pretty please, tell me what the tile was and who wrote this?



Circle: W FLAT
Pages: 34
Pairing: Sasuke x Naruto
Rating: R18


Group: Xiao Wei
Scan by: Atrika
Translation: pooh1234
Cleaning: Eila-chan, Atrika (cover)
Edition: Atrika

Group: Onigiri Ramen
Translation from Russian into English: Iara-chan and Ananasomania
Russian Translation Proofreading: Ananasomania
Proofreading English version: barspoon and Ananasomania
Translation English into Spanish: Paz and harileth
Proofreading Spanish version: harileth
Translation English into Portuguese: Iara-chan
Proofreading Portuguese version: Iara-chan
Adapting Edition into English, Spanish and Portuguese versions: Iara-chan

Download: http://onigiriramen.com/blog/?p=4136



Circle: @harukaze shunpoo
Pages: 37
Pairing: Sasuke x Naruto
Rating: R18


Scans: Iara-chan
Translation from Chinese into English: konoha_ramen
Proofreading English version: TrustyFoxy
Translation English into Spanish: Paz
Proofreading Spanish version: harileth
Translation English into Portuguese: Unnamed
Proofreading Portuguese version: Iara-chan
Cleaning: Iara-chan
Edition: konoha_ramen
Co-edition for Spanish and Portuguese version: Iara-chan

Download or read it online: http://onigiriramen.com/blog/?p=4102

11th-Jun-2015 10:24 pm - SALE - doujinshis
I have a few doujinshis I want to sell. Some are NaruSasu and others are SasuNaru. I ship from Canada and only through Paypal. Prices can be negotiable. They are all lightly used.

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10th-Jun-2015 04:17 am - I'm trying to find a story
Hey, I've been looking for this fanfic forever so any help would be appreciated!
Here is what I remember:
It's an AU, though it's not specified exactly what kind it is
Naruto and Sasuke hang out in Naruto's bed and listen to music
Naruto bought tickets to a concert to which they can't go to and Sasuke insults him
It's all fuzzy from there on...
They lay in Naruto's bed and Sasuke has a hand in his hair
Somehow Naruto kisses him and Sasuke pushes him away
He sleeps on the floor and leaves as soon as he wakes up
It's not told in a chronological order
Two weeks pass and Sakura gets worried about Naruto
Sasuke eventually goes to see Naruto to find him in his apartment playing Disney video games which he burrowed from his cousin
They talk and sort things out
It's a one shot (I think), longer and well written, my description does it no justice--if you think of something that seems even a bit like this please tell me!


RAW Doujinshi – 隙間、0距離 [NaruSasu], SOLDIER BLUE [SasuNaru]

Download raw doujinshis: http://onigiriramen.com/blog/?p=4070
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