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Naruto & Sasuke, Brothers of the Leaf
木ノ葉の仲間 -- Konoha no nakama
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22nd-Jun-2014 03:54 pm - Naruto Doujinshi for sale
Hello! :D

For those who do not know, Kawaii Desu is a new store doujinshi. The developer of this store is the same as Onigiri Ramen group, Iara-chan :)

Our purpose is to sell doujinshi with affordable prices so that everyone can have doujinshis! >////<

We have two categories of purchases: "In stock" and "Pre-order".

Below is the doujinshis on sale in the category "In Stock":

Update 05/july = Buy 4 or more doujinshis (IN STOCK) and earn 10% off! Use the code: 10lovekd in your cart! (discount of the total price of the doujinshis, excluding freight)

Shipping: Airmail or EMS
Handling fee = $0
Doujinshi sent from Brazil.
Payment Method = Paypal

$17,49 (32 pages, SasuNaru, B5)
$16,15 (28 pages, SasuNaru, B5)
$22,87 (40 pages, SasuNaru, B5)
$15,25 (32 pages, SasuNaru, B5)
$17,49 (40 pages, SasuNaru, B5)
$7,18 (16 pages, SasuNaru, B5)
$15,25 (28 pages, SasuNaru, B5)
$15,70 (28 pages, NaruSasu, B5)
$$18,84 (32 pages, NaruSasu, B5)
$19,73 (36 pages, Sasuke, B5)
$29,60 (60 pages, Sasuke, B5)
$25,56 (52 pages, NaruSasu, B5)
$16,15 (26 pages, NaruSasu, B5)
$15,70 (24 pages, NaruSasu, B5)
$19,73 (36 pages, SasuNaru, B5)
$20,18 (36 pages, KakaNaru, B5)
$31,84 (100 pages, SasuNaru and KakaNaru, B5)
$19,73 (40 pages, NaruSasu, B5)
$17,04 (24 pages, NaruSasu, B5)
$20,63 (40 pages, NaruSasu, B5)
$7,18 (12 pages, NaruSasu, B5)
$13,46 (24 pages, NaruSasu, B5)
$26,46 (62 pages, NaruSasu, B5)
$11,66 (20 pages, SasuNaru, A5)
$12,56 (28 pages, SasuNaru, A5)
$11,66 (28 pages, SasuNaru, A5)
$28,70 (138 pages, SasuNaru, A5)
$12,56 (28 pages, KakaNaru, A5)
$11,21 (24 pages, KakaNaru, A5)
$11,21 (20 pages, KakaNaru, A5)
$11,66 (32 pages, Yamato, A5)
$12,11 (24 pages, NaruSasu, A5)
$16,15 (28 pages, NaruSasu, A5)
$13,46 (28 pages, NaruSasu, A5)
$16,15 (24 pages, NaruSasu, B5)
$16,15 (22 pages, NaruSasu, B5)
$17,94 (28 pages, KakaNaru, B5)
$13,90 (52 pages, KakaNaru, A5)

- The doujinshis category "Pre-order" are shipped directly from Japan, we charge a fee for this type of sale:

Buy 1 doujinshi = Handling fee $10
Buy 2 doujinshis = Handling fee $8
Buy 3 doujinshis = Handling fee $6
Buy 4 doujinshis = Handling fee $4
Buy 5 doujinshis = Handling fee $2
Buy 6 doujinshis or more = Free Handling fee

How much more you buy more discount we can give ^-^

Currently available series:

- Naruto
- Hetalia
- Free!
- Tiger&Bunny
- Attack on Titan
- Kuroko no Basket

You can place your order via LJ or (preferably) on our website. Any questions? *-*
20th-Jun-2014 01:27 pm - Quick Story Search
misc. - I say a lot of stuff dude
Hello to everyone,

I drop by after several years to nag you about a fanfic I read really really long time ago here, because Google won't help a bit. Maybe some of you remember.

The story features a blind Sasuke and a mute (and/or deaf) Naruto, and I believe they meet in a park for the first time and have trouble communicating. May or may not contain romance, memory fails me.

If anyone remembers the name, I would be very grateful. Thank you for your time and sorry for the lack of contribution.
18th-Jun-2014 09:54 pm - FicSearch: SasuNaru Mpreg
Good day folks!

I am trying to find a SasuNaru mpreg fic that I've read a few years back. I don't remember the title nor the author's name though I might recognize them if I see them.

Basically the story starts (I think) with Naruto deciding to leave Konoha and join Sasuke/Team Hebi. If I remember correctly, Naruto even stole/read some forbidden scrolls and did something that would enable him to bear a child. Oh, and his pregnancy wasn't like a 'normal woman's pregnancy', it was like based on chakra or something.

Anyways, I'm so forgetful but here are some specific scenes that may have been in the fic (I hope I don't mix different stories up):

- Somehow it was implied in the story that Sasuke asked Naruto to leave with him but Naruto refused. So when Naruto had a change of heart, there was a scene where Naruto asks Sasuke to "ask" him again and this time Naruto said yes.

- Team Hebi + Naruto used ninjutsu to transforme themselves as civilians when they stayed in some place/inn. Naruto disguised himself as a woman and when a man flirts with him Sasuke became all possessive and stuff and I think they ended up having sex afterwards.

some more of it hereCollapse )
2nd-Jun-2014 09:13 pm - Sasuke x Naruto Doujinshi
Hello. I'm selling some SasuNaru yaoi doujinshi if anyone's interested.

Click this link to find out more.
2nd-Jun-2014 01:09 am - Looking for a fic
James and Logan
Hey, I'm looking for a NaruSasuNaru fanfic. I'm not sure who wrote it or what it's called I know when I read it the fic was pretty popular. I believe it's from 2009-2011 and it was complete.
The basic details are:
-Naruto is a barista/ cafe employee
-He sees Sasuke for the first time when he comes to the cafe and think he's a girl
-Sasuke is a kindergarten teacher
-Sakura's daughter is in his class I believe, as well as Kohonamaru.
-Naruto eventually finds out Sasuke's true gender while ice skating with him.

Please let me know if you have a link/copy of this fic, I'm just now starting to favorite stories I like after losing so many. :(
24th-May-2014 12:18 am - Bloodflows - Sasunaru Fanmix
Download link of all songs - Mega

A bit of a bunch of different genres, languages, and just songs that I think really connect to the melancholic relationship between Sasuke and Naruto...I haven't kept up with Naruto in almost 4 years forgive me for any errors! Check out the youtube links of the song. These songs are some of the best songs I've ever heard so I hope you enjoy them and at least find them interesting!

Read more...Collapse )
13th-May-2014 05:29 pm - fic search!
I'm trying to find this fic but I can't!
It's a sasunaru, on and complete (I think it's 11 chapters). I don't remember if it's a fic after Sasuke returns or is a alternate timeline but I remember that in this story Sasuke and Naruto are married - and Naruto is Hokage?- and the raven is gaining power to become lord and then daimyo and it's for revenge.
In some point Ino tried to divide Sasuke and Naruto to become Lady Uchiha with the help of Choji but doesn't work.
In the end Sasuke is daimyo.
Do you know it?
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