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Naruto & Sasuke, Brothers of the Leaf
木ノ葉の仲間 -- Konoha no nakama
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13th-Sep-2015 02:13 am - Search for Shirohane Fics
Hi everyone! So I was wondering if anyone has or knows how to access Shirohane's Naruto fics? All of them have been deleted from fanfiction.net where I usually read them and I can't seem to access her website. It'd be awesome if someone could send them to me or direct me to a link that still works! No redistribution will be done, just want another chance to read some really original fics

8th-Sep-2015 11:51 pm - fic search (nevi/gaara)
hello guys. i don't know if this is allowed but i'm searching for copy of White Noise by Ruriko l. Minamino. she has deleted all her works and nobody seems to have save it, including me. if by chance somebody has it, please can you share it with me and send it to my personal email, yhease_marazzi@yahoo.com. i promise not  to redistribute and share it.  and if im really lucky and you have all of her works, please send those to me in exchange of fresh warm cookies. thnk you very much.

thank you very much!
eliot big bang job
Hello! I am new here :) I love fanart, have no talent for it at all, but I can write so something to introduce myself with:

Title: To Be A Stranger
Fandom: Naruto
Pairing: Naruto/Sasuke Naruto/fem!Sasuke
Summary: In which Sasuke is hiding out, as a woman, and meets Naruto, who had the unmitigated gall to grow up.
Warnings: sex
Rating: Definitely NC-17.
Word Count: 4434
Series: Power Imbalance part 4   (other parts aren't focused on this pairing so don't fit here)

it's a link!

PS: Is pimping a really good fiction by other outhors allowed? Because some of them really deserve more recognition.


Title: Hi-teen Boogie
Circle: Namawasabi Hoten (1ª part)
Uzu Uzu Company (2ª part)
Pages: 23 (1ª part), 27 (2ª part)
Pairing: SasukexNaruto
Rating: PG-13


Scans: Vulpixi Misa
Translation from Japanese into Spanish : Yuuwaku & Ren
Proofreading Spanish version: Ren
Translation Spanish into English: Aki-san
Proofreading English version: harileth
Translation Spanish into Portuguese: Iara-chan
Proofreading Portuguese version: Iara-chan
Cleaning: Iara-chan, Ren(covers)
Edition: Ren
Edition Adaptation into Portuguese and English: Iara-chan

DOWNLOAD - Do not re-upload our doujinshis in other online readers like: e-hentai.org, myreadingmanga.info or any other site!


Hello, friends!

Does anybody have a copy of Tume's "A Beautiful Occurence", specifically chapters 11, 12, and 13?

I'd recently found a printed 7 year old copy (from my high school Naruto obsession days) of Chapters 6-10, and I was able to discover chapters 1-7 are available on MediaMiner when I decided to look it up.

Unfortunately, for reasons unknown, Tume has purged zer's account here on LJ, deleted zer's fics on FF.net, and has also (according to zer FF.net's profile) deleted zer e-mail.

For those who are unfamiliar with the story, it has quite a bit of humor, hurt/comfort, and a huge ton of angst over pregnancy. Naruto basically dealt with his pregnancy alone (chapters 1-7), and we see him go through the fear, pain, and joy of having a child without any solid support.

Brief story summary: Naruto and co. are on Team Hebi's trail, when they are ambushed by Itachi and Kisame. Circumstances allow MPreg to happen, but Sasuke has no idea he'd left Naruto pregnant with his child. Sasuke tries to rebuild the Uchiha clan with many other women, but is unsuccessful. Meanwhile, Naruto leaves Konoha to keep his labor a secret. A child/pup is born.

Chapters 10 to 13 deal with Sasuke's discovery that Naruto had carried and successfully delivered his child. Unfortunately, the story was never updated, and was eventually deleted right when we got to the part of the story where Sasuke was supposed to redeem himself and win Naruto, their son, and the readers over.

I would like to repost, write and finish the story once and for all, seeing as the fic is abandoned, with proper credit to Tume of course.

I've always loved the fic, and it can be credited with bringing me into the world SasuNaru and the wonders of MPreg when all I knew was NaruHina.

I want to keep the original chapters 1-13 and then go on from there, to be posted on archiveofourown.org and other archives for the viewing and downloading of others.

Thanks much!

DOWNLOAD: http://onigiriramen.com/blog/?p=4148


Pages: 38
Pairing: Sasuke x Naruto
Rating: R18


Scans: Iara-chan
Translation from Japanese into Spanish: Ren
Proofreading Spanish version: Ren
Translation Spanish into English: Paz
Proofreading English version (First version): Sven, Ren and Kiwiita
Proofreading English version Final version: harileth
Translation Spanish into Portuguese: Iara-chan
Proofreading Portuguese version: Iara-chan
Cleaning: Iara-chan and Ren
Edition (Spanish version): Ren
Edition (English and Portuguese version): Iara-chan

NOTE: Download the first and second part in English by Utopia Doujinshi. Download the first and second (soon) part in Spanish by FeelGoodYaoi.

4th-Aug-2015 01:33 am - NaruxSasu
> I was looking for a fanfiction by QuestofDreams "Convictions" and I saw the one on ff net but it was heavily censored. I can't seem to find the uncensored version anywhere so I was wondering if anyone might have a copy, I know a few people got copies cause there was warning before they were taken down. I've been looking for this story for months so PLEASE if you have it or know where to look... I'd really appreciate it.
24th-Jul-2015 04:31 pm - fic search
Hi guys,

I'm looking for this narutoxsasuke fic where Sasuke is blind. He and Naruto were dating when they where in hihg school but then Sasuke started loosing sight and they fell apart. In secret, Naruto started learing how to train seeing eye dogs and trained two for Sasuke. Then one evening Sasuke, Itachi and a bunch of ther guys go to a pub. Sasuke is a talent scout. Naruto got pretty famous in that club and sometimes plays there. On that evening he was signing Hallellujah.Sasuke approached him because he wanted to propose a contact but Naruto rejected. Later they met in Sasuke's office and Naruto revealed it was him but Sasuke just didn't reciognize him. He told him he trained his two seeking eye dogs and later they got back together.

Ring any bells?
Could anyone, pretty please, tell me what the tile was and who wrote this?



Circle: W FLAT
Pages: 34
Pairing: Sasuke x Naruto
Rating: R18


Group: Xiao Wei
Scan by: Atrika
Translation: pooh1234
Cleaning: Eila-chan, Atrika (cover)
Edition: Atrika

Group: Onigiri Ramen
Translation from Russian into English: Iara-chan and Ananasomania
Russian Translation Proofreading: Ananasomania
Proofreading English version: barspoon and Ananasomania
Translation English into Spanish: Paz and harileth
Proofreading Spanish version: harileth
Translation English into Portuguese: Iara-chan
Proofreading Portuguese version: Iara-chan
Adapting Edition into English, Spanish and Portuguese versions: Iara-chan

Download: http://onigiriramen.com/blog/?p=4136

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